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The 4 Roles Within Your Identity

Your first role is how you gain clarity

Embedded in the first quadrant is your unique way of looking at opportunities, situations, problems, and solutions. These are all vital aspects of your cultural equity. Your perspective is your inherited equity. It is the insight you bring to wherever you choose to focus. Invest it wisely.

Your second role is how you build confidence

Embedded in your second quadrant is your genius code, , which stores intellectual equity. Owning and applying what you know is the key to independence. Knowing how to do something is very valuable to others. Knowing how you best process information is extremely valuable to you. Partnering your intellectual equity with opportunities leads you down the road to growing financial independence. Use what you know to grow.

Your third role is how you get things done.

Human Capital/Equity, when multiplied by a wage, is how you create income. There is wealth stored up in your unique talents. This role is the easiest way for you to transact and your most potent ability to work with and for others. Use this talent to create the resources to save and invest your way towards legacy wealth. Doing in this way makes the difference between a dream and a mission. 

Your fourth role is your purest form of expression.

Embedded in this quadrant is how you engage and connect with others which are the keys to scaling your opportunities to build wealth. Owning how you communicate is the key to lasting relationships. This role exposes what can be your most innate strength if structured, nurtured, and supported by others. Leverage this role to connect to build the life you desire.

Taking greater ownership of your identity results in a series of culminating outcomes based on your identity-driven choices.

Four choices anchor your journey along the road to wealth by establishing your legacy wealth blueprint. Along the  NarrowRoad™ outcomes are the promises you take possession of by simply believing in and valuing all of who you are. Outcomes are your glimpses of light in dark places along your journey. With a little faith and finance, these become the steps to building wealth your way.


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Creating lasting wealth that grows over time and is passed down to each generation is the right of every person. However, your success or failure in delivering on this promise depends on how well you adapt to and adopt healthy money habits.